Anderson Marroquin


"It was a great experience, high level trainings. I learned new tactics to take my game to another level. I would love to come back to keep improving my game, thanks to Pro Futbol Connect for giving me the opportunity to improve my game in such a professional environment."

Esteban Benites


"Levante was an amazing experience and great exposure. I was able to learn a lot from the diverse environment. The visit was more than what I expected as I interacted with players from different countries and learned from their experiences and challenges. I'd love the opportunity to revisit Levante again."

Felix Rivera


"Overall my experience at Levante was amazing, from the first day it felt like we were all a family. We had great supervision at all times but it wasn't to strict. The training was one of the best training I've ever received. I learned a lot from them, they really focused on changing our minds to be more professional and train like one. I'm glad I had the opportunity to do this, all thanks to Pro Futbol Connect who made it happen and allowed me to move one step closer to achieving my dream."

Kyle Simon


"I deeply appreciate the rare chance I was given by Pro Futbol Connect to train in a professional environment at Levante U.D. During the two weeks in Valencia, I found out what it was like to be in a professional club in Spain. I trained like pro and was around top level competition."

Eduardo Romero


"Levante was a great experience because I was able to learn a lot from the coaching staff. The level of soccer is a different level over there and I am grateful for the experience of such high level training. Everyone at Levante U.D. was very welcoming and made you feel at home. The practices were on another other level. Thank you Pro Futbol Connect for the opportunity."

Allan Rivera


Levante was an amazing experience, it was unforgettable. I was able to learn and play with players from all over the world. The coaching staff was amazing, they really helped you fit in and get comfortable with those around you so  you’re able to perform and do your best. The opportunity to play with others from different countries, having exposure and learning from the some of the best coaching staff was truly an amazing learning experience. All thanks to Pro Futbol Connect for making this happen, and helping me expose myself to a new soccer environment, it was definitely one for the books. 

Ronald Martinez


"It was an amazing experience. Playing professional soccer in Spain is something I really want to accomplish and this opportunity really showed me what it takes to play here. I just want to thank everyone that helped make this possible and I also want to thank the coaches here for helping me improve as a player and person." (Ronald on the left)

Josue Rodriguez


"My experience at Levante was just extraordinary. Everyone was amazing, nice, and generous.
The coaches helped me learn to play under pressure, to pass more often and even with rehab in the gym when I hurt my knee. My teammates played a huge role in my morale during my time at Levante. I got along with everyone and made amazing friends with players from around the world.

I never thought I’d ever get the chance to come tryout for one of LaLiga’s well known teams, Levante U.D. It truly wouldn’t have happened without Pro Futbol Connect and Luis Calderon Sr. It was a true blessing to go to Spain and experience something I’ll never forget.
Hopefully my injury isn’t a factor of me not coming back to Spain and playing there. I LOVE VALENCIA!"

Kevin Rios


“The experience was amazing, I learned a lot. We had great coaches and amazing players that we met and trained with! Thank you Pro Fútbol Connect for the opportunity!”

Steven Reyes


“Thank you so much Pro Futbol Connect for the amazing opportunity. I had a great experience, it could have not turned out better, forever grateful!”

Johan Vazquez


"Overall it was an amazing experience, something I never thought I would ever do and Pro Futbol Connect made that happen. I will forever be grateful, its not something that happens to anybody, I got really lucky to be part of it."

Robert Mushi


"Thanks to Pro Futbol Connect for the opportunity they gave me. I got really lucky to be a part of this experience. Being trained by professional coaches and playing with professional players is truly a unique experience."

Chris Bonilla


"It was a pleasure to be apart of this amazing experience of playing soccer at Levante U.D. in Spain. The style of soccer, was at a very high level and it was a new experience for me. I really wished I would have done this early in my soccer career. I hope that one day I can go back to play and gain more experience from Levante U.D. 

Also the people who were there to take care of us, were very nice and very helpful. The food was good, everything was well organized from what time training would take place to having a routine. I’d recommend this amazing experience to other young players who want to succeed and to go train at a high level. "

Andy Bonilla


“I really enjoyed my time at Levante. Everyday was a day to enjoy and most importantly improve my game. The level of play was fast paced and unbelievably technical. I have learned a lot and will continue to improve my game. Thank you.” 

Leart Hajdaras


"Palamos is a great experience if you're looking to move forward in football. It shows you how it is to be a professional. The coaches are top class and very intuitive. In that couple of weeks I've progressed and it's thanks to Pro Futbol Connect."

Charly Naves


"My experience at Levante was amazing, a dream come true and I look forward to going back soon"

Richard Gahutu


"If you're dedicated and refine all aspects of your game: technical, physical, tactical along with a good work ethic and attitude then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Strongly encourage juniors in high school to sophomores in college to try their luck."

Rayan Chhoukri


Mahamed Ashara


“I had great experiences at the club and the academy. The management are wonderful people and I definitely enjoyed the football in Spain at Palamós. The training sessions were very intense and made up of high caliber players. I definitely enjoyed it and I’m so grateful that Pro Futbol Connect helped me make this dream come true.”

Nasser Mantrane


"I loved my experience in Soria and not just because of the football itself. Coach Javier Modrego was really nice and knew how to communicate with us kindly and at the same time was strict enough during trainings to get us to do what we needed to do. The people there were great and it was a one of a kind experience. The training sessions were really helpful and I felt myself getting better as a player, learning more about the game and the different playing styles. All in all, it was really helpful and more than worth it."

Erfan Saidi


"C.D numancia was a great experience and the coaches were amazing. I learned a lot in one week and I can't wait to learn more."